IPL Machine for Home Use

Technical Features

Japanese Capacitors 15000UF

USA Lamp

200,000 shots handle lifespan

New AFT technology

Product Details

IPL Machine for Home Use
A portable device for home use to remove hair

● Japanese Capacitors 15000UF + Germany Lamp

● 200,000 shots handle lifespan

● Suitable for all family members

● New AFT technology to ensure painless treatment

● Multifunctional for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Details of IPL machine for home use


IPL machine for home use operation process  
Firstly,  shave the hair where you need to remove
Secondly, daub Cooling Gel on the skin
Thirdly, the hand piece get close to skin, uniform sliding.
Fourthly, clean the skin and avoid sunlight.
As the growth of hair, any kind of way to remove hair can not be treated at one time, it is almost need 5 to 8 times to permanent hair removal.


Application for IPL machine for home use

1. Permanent hair removal
2. Skin rejuvenation
3. Reduction of pigmented lesions
4. Wrinkle removal
5. Acne Therapy
6. Freckle, vascular lesions and facial blemish removal


Our service
We provide OEM and ODM service, customized interface, training,long warranty time and fast distribution after payment.


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