IPL Shr Laser Hair Removal

Technical Features

Japanese Capacitors,USA Lamp

New AFT technology

300,000 shots handle lifespan

Combines 3 functions in 1

Product Details

IPL SHR Laser Hair Removal machine



Introducing Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR) Lasers - a revolutionary new method for permanent hair removal that is virtually pain & side effect free. In comparison to other slightly dated laser and IPL methods, SHR provides faster, safer and pain free hair reduction treatments for clients.

IPL SHR laser hair removal machine is with Single pulse mode can emit energy averagely, however, IPL machines are with multi-pulse mode which focus energy on first pulse, which is very easy to burn patients.
SHR filtered violet light and infrared light, which will eradiate and absorb water from target skin. So SHR does not have any side-effect to body.


This multifunctional IPL SHR Hair Removal machine has 4 handles, SHR+Elight+Q-switched laser + RF. The main functions are:

1 machine with 4 handpieces: (4 in 1 system)
   *SHR handpiece: Specially for hair removal
   *RF handpiece: Skin tightening, wrinkle removal
   *E light handpiece: Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal,pigment removal, etc.
   *YAG Laser handpiece: Tattoo removal



Depending on the area that requires SHR, we recommend that our clients have 6-10 treatments at four week intervals. Hair reduction treatments at four weekly intervals will ensure that we are able to target the hair at the right time during the natural re-growth cycle. Towards the end of the process, the interval between hair reduction treatments may be extended to 6-8 weeks as the re-growth cycles slow.



This is our newest freckle removal IPL machine. Main features are following:

1. Japanese Capacitors 15000UF + USA  Lamp

2. 300,000 shots for each handle
3. 13 different kinds of languages interface
4. Three different kinds of spot sizes
5. Fast treatment. 1second will emit 1-10 flashes adjustable
6. Big spot size: 15*50mm
7. Painless: new AFT technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) uses low and equal energy, which is useful in treatment and absorbs water to make patient feel painless
8. Hair-free, even on work on blonde, red or fine hair
9. Skin-free, suitable for all skin types, even tanners



Operation Interface

10.4 inch TFT Screen




430nm/530nm/750nm (E-light)

Working Mode

SHR Working & RF working & Laser working &Elight working

Spot Size

15X50mm; 12X30mm(option for both handles)


1-26/cm2 (SHR & SSR)

1-50w (RF)


1-1000mj (Laser)

Pulse Width


Pulse Amount




1X RF (3 tips)


1X Laser (2 tips)

Main Drive Power

2000W / 1Mhz / 1000W

Handpiece lifetime

300,000 shots times for each handle




Is it safe?

IPL SHR Laser hair removal is the most popular aesthetic procedures performed around the world. SHR IPL Laser treatments have provided safe and effective permanent hair reduction for millions of people worldwide. Because SHR Lasers utilizes IN-MOTION™ and low-heat settings we are able to provide a level of safety unlike any other laser hair removal procedure.

Will my hair ever grow back?

Actively growing hair that's been treated with SHR should not grow back. Once a hair follicle is damaged, it cannot grow hair. However, hair follicles that were not in the active growth phas, will need to be treated. It's also not unusual for some patients to have a touch-up two years after initial treatment due to hormonal changes.

Do I need to arrange time off from work for treatments?

SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal have no "down time" and requires no recovery time. You can have a treatment and return to work and other normal activities immediately.

Why do I need 6+ treatments?

Hair growth occurs in 4 stages: Early Anagen (early hair growth), Anagen (active hair growth), Catagen (regression) and Telogen (resting, not growing). Laser hair removal only affects the Anagen stage (actively growing hair). Therefore, approximately twenty-five-percent of hair is removed with each treatment. A few treatments are therefore required for the treatment area to be hair free.

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