Multifunctional IPL Machine

Technical Features

Japanese Capacitors,USA Lamp

New AFT technology

300,000 shots handle lifespan

Combines 3 functions in 1

Product Details

Multifunctional IPL Machine
The most multifunctional skin solutions on the market

● Intelligent multifunctional platform to support a variety of technical treatment of head

● 14h non-stop work time and 300,000 shots lifespan

● 16 Multilingual Languages

● Multifunctional machine to solve all kinds of skin problems


Hair removal
Multifunctional IPL machine use the 640nm – 1200nm filter which maximizes the selective targeting of melanin pigments in the hair strand. Light absorbed by the melanin in the hair is converted to heat and effectively destroying the hair follicle. The prince of SHR selective photothermolysis takes advantage of the amount of pigment found in hair. The greater the amount of pigment the more effective the treatment.

Pigmented lesions
Light absorbed by melanin is transformed into heat energy. This process causes the breakdown of pigment molecules and is cleaned and by phagocytes and are also shed off by the normal process skin renewal. Transient erythema and darkening of pigment molecules can be expected.

Photo Rejuvenation& Deep scars
Collagen effectively absorbs the 530nm-1200nm spectrum of light. This results selective thermolysis of collagen resulting in heating and contraction of collagen bundles. The retraction of collagen bundles makes this process effective in the management of fine superficial wrinkles.


Multifunctional IPL machine details

Min.Order Quantity

1 Piece

Payment Terms

T/T,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram

Supply Ability



Elight  SHR ND Yag laser  RF

Light source: Intense Pulsed Light

Elight handle

Wavelength: 420nm/530/750nm-1200nm

Energy: 1-50J/cm2

Pulse duration: 1-15ms

Spot size: 12*33mm

SHR handle

Wavelength: 640nm-950nm

Energy: 1~26J/cm2

Frequency: 1-10Hz

Spot size: 15*50 mm ,15*50mm, 10*50mm optional

2000W power supply, 4 electronic capacitors

ND Yag laser

ND:YAG Laser

wavelength: 1064&532nm&1320nm( can adjust spot size)

Energy: 1-1000mj/cm2

Frequency: 1-10HZ


Power:1-10W, 3 heads

Operative Interface

10.4 TFT  touch screen

Cooling system

Air and Close Water Circulation Treatment head with semiconductor cooling temperature adjustable

Drive power


Electrical source

220V/50HZ  or 110V/60HZ

Packing method

Aluminum Packing


N.W: 70KG  G.W: 90KG


1 year for the host,lifetime maintenance

skin treatment of multifunctional IPL machine
1. Permanent hair removal
2. Skin rejuvenation
3. Reduction of pigmented lesions
4. Wrinkle removal
5. Acne Therapy
6. Freckle, vascular lesions and facial blemish removal
7. Tattoo removal


Our service
We provide OEM and ODM service, customized interface, training,long warranty time and fast distribution after payment.


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