OPT Shr Hair Removal Machine

Technical Features

Japanese Capacitors 15000UF

USA Lamp

200,000 shots handle lifespan

New AFT technology

Product Details

OPT SHR Hair Removal Machine
We always hear about OPT SHR right ? It's a big selling point for the beauty equipment supplier from China. But do you know what is exactly OPT ? What is the difference with normal IPL ?

OPT technology adopt the absorption selectively of light, the light will only worked for the specific skin color, it won't hurt the normal skin, at the same time it will improve the skin, no pigmentation. During the hair removal treatment, the absorbed light heats the hair ,which damages or destroys the growing potential of follicle, finally achieve the result of hair removal.

Most conventional IPL laser hair removal technologies utilize massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. On the other hand, SHR IPL Lasers fire multiple shots but at lower Joules. This new method gently heats the hair follicles producing a warm tingling sensation—some clients compare it to a warm massage. In-Motion technology is utilised by moving the hand piece over the treated skin which contributes to the overall comfort felt by our customers during their hair reduction treatments.

The unique laser technology and techniques used in SHR IPL makes all hair and skin types suitable for this treatment. SHR IPL is also an attractive hair removal solution for those who don't want to shy away from the sun, meaning hair reduction treatments can be had all year round. By utilizing low heat, SHR IPL decreases the amount of heat absorbed by the skin so treatment can be done on tanned skin. SHR IPL Technology is ideal for LIGHTER and WHITE HAIR.




1.Japanese Capacitors 15000UF + USA IPL Lamp
2.300,000 shots for each handle
3.13 different kinds of languages interface
4.Three different kinds of spot sizes
5.Fast treatment. 1second will emit 1-10 flashes adjustable
6.Big spot size: 15*50mm
7.Painless: new AFT technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) uses low and equal energy, which is useful in treatment and absorbs water to make patient feel painless
8.Hair-free, even on work on blonde, red or fine hair
9.Skin-free, suitable for all skin types, even tanners
10.Accurate Software control and parameters adjustable


Precautions for use of equipment
1.As the energy is very high, so after the treatment the skin may a little red, it will Scab after freckle removal treatment. So after treatment , cooling the skin is necessary, use some repair category mask will be better.
2.The skin will be dry after skin rejuvenation treatment, use replenishment mask everyday will have a good benefit for skin, At this time the skin absorbs water is several times than usually.
3.Wear sunscreen to avoid pigmentation of skin .
4.Do not drink or stay up late. The skin will be fragile after skin rejuvenation treatment, drink or stay up late will affect the treatment result.



Operation Interface    8.4 inch TFT screen
Wavelength           650-950nm(SHR)Or 430nm/530nm/640nm-1200nm(OPT)
Working Mode         SHR/OPT/E-light
Spot Size             15*50mm;12*30mm;10*50 optional
Energy             1-26J/cm2(SHR); 1-60J/cm2(OPT)
Pulse Width         1-9.9ms
Pulse Amount       1-6
Handle              1*650-950mm(SHR) Or 1*430nm/530nm/640nm-1200nm(OPT)
IPL Drive Power     2000W
Hand piece Lifetime 300,000 shots times for each handle
Weight             25Kg

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can be treated?
Anyone provided that there are no contra-indications, clients who have unwanted hair, or who want to improve their skin can be treated regardless of their hair or skin color.
Are there any secondary effects?
In certain cases there may be redness in the treated areas, local oedema or peri-follicular papulae (goose bumps).  These effects disappear several hours after the treatment.  However, in the majority of cases, there are no visible secondary effects.  In very rare cases if the precautions are not respected there may be transitory modifications to the pigmentation (hypo or hyper pigment).
How long does the treatment take?
First a full consultation plus an initial test patch must be performed to ensure that no unwanted side effects are likely to occur.  The time required to undertake a complete treatment is ver short and most treatments only take approximately 15-30mins.
What precautions must be taken?
Clients are recommended to avoid sun exposure for four weeks prior to treatment. Following the treatment the skin may be sensitive to UV light and it is advised that the area treated should be kept covered or a high factor sunscreen be used for four months.

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