Advantage of the PRP

- May 31, 2018-

Advantage of the PRP

1.There are many kinds of growth factors, PRP, the proportion of various growth factors consistent with normal proportion in the body, has the best synergy between growth factor, and partly made up for a single growth factors to stimulate the disadvantage of poor wound repair.

2. The damage to patients is small and simple, which can effectively reduce the medical cost and promote the wound healing of patients.

3.PRP contains a large amount of fibrin, provide good support to repair cells, also can wound contraction, have the function of the blood coagulation, stimulate soft tissue regeneration, promote early wound closure and prevent infection.

4.Because the white blood cells and mononuclear cells and platelets in the blood sedimentation coefficient, so made by centrifugation PRP also contains a large number of white blood cells and mononuclear cells, which can better play the role of preventing infection.

5.PRP available thrombin coagulation gelatinize, not only can seal tissue defect, also can prevent the loss of platelet, platelets to secrete growth factors in bureau minister time, maintaining high concentrations of growth factors, avoid the reagents are widely used in clinical liquid recombinant growth factor in wound easy easy evaporation loss of shortcomings.