Advantages of semiconductor laser hair removal

- Jan 10, 2018-

The best laser thin length, 810nm semiconductor laser, the laser has a good single, good penetration, but also the black pigment cells relatively good wavelength, applied to the principle of selective photothermal, the black hair follicle is the target seikkyi, thus effective hair follicles, and achieve better results. The light pulse time is very long to adjust and protect the epidermis while removing different hairs.

However, if the skin darker beauty, the target organization and the epidermis have the same seikkyi, mutual competition to learn the laser, so for the skin of the more shallow to seek the United States can achieve better results.

Specially designed to tighten skin function, can be in the hair removal at the same time fine smooth skin.

Contact Cooling cooling Patented technical safety does not damage the skin five, square large spot, rapid removal of hair, speed up the treatment speed.

Original mode the freezing point laser can emit 10 laser pulses per second, and the pulse mode is unique, completely beyond the traditional laser pulse, the treatment process can not only quickly slide, but also effectively heat the target tissue, until the effective hair follicle.

Comfortable fast, safe and convenient, is the technique of hair removal laser, especially suitable for large area trunk hair removal.