Characteristics of laser hair removal by semiconductor lasers

- Jan 10, 2018-

Semiconductor laser hair removal is a non-invasive modern hair removal technique. Semiconductor laser hair removal applicable parts include: Lip, lip, armpit, arms, arm, calf, thigh, bikini, etc., will not have limitations on the processing of black pigment, no one will be picky about any skin color. At the same time, the semiconductor laser hair removal device has adjustable pulse width, energy and irradiation time. It has a synchronized cooling system can remove different thickness of various hairs, including lip hair so sensitive skin hair will be in the shortest possible time to meet the Lido painless hair removal effect.

1. Hairy condition has been fundamentally improved, as required to complete the course of treatment, can be basically no longer grow, only a little fuzz effect.
2. Semiconductor laser hair removal side effects are small, even if the exposed site after the removal, you can immediately go to work, do not affect life and work, do not need to recuperate.
3. Only a few people after the semiconductor laser hair removal, the local will have mild redness, but in a few hours will be restored.