Cold weather skincare tips

- Oct 19, 2018-

Cold weather skincare tips:

1. Start inspection from cleansing methods

Cleansing Tip

Complete the cleansing step as much as possible within 3 minutes. Immediately after wiping the water, wipe the toner with a cotton pad to prevent facial moisture loss.

2. Block the ultraviolet rays of snow

Ultraviolet light is relatively weak in winter, but the ultraviolet light reflected by white snow is fatal. Coupled with the effect of cold wind, the skin's response to ultraviolet light will be more sensitive. Ultraviolet light is divided into UVA and UVB. In winter, UVB is weak but UVA is basically the same amount in a year. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the product with high PA index which can block UVA.

Skincare Tip

Compared with applying a large amount of sunscreen at one time, apply a 1/2 of the recommended amount on the entire face. It is better to apply some after 5 minutes.

3. Pay attention to sensitive skin

Skincare Tip

Cold weather is prone to rupture of capillaries and redness on the skin. When you go out, try to cover your face. When you have the chance, use your hot palm to warm your face and avoid letting the skin accept sudden temperature changes. After going out, use a mild cleansing lotion, gently wipe off and rinse quickly with warm water. Spray a calming spray every time to ensure sufficient moisture.

4. Moisturizing the skin of the winter skin

Skincare Tip

Allow the skin to absorb moisture and oil after a period of time and lock the water. Open the pores with a hot towel, apply moisture or moisture gel to absorb, then gently apply a layer of lotion or cream to the face and massage to supply oil to the skin. Finally, the product containing the natural moisturizing collagen factor component is placed in the palm of the hand, and the temperature of the hand is melted and applied like a stamp to apply a protective film to the skin.