Daily skin care tips

- Sep 21, 2018-

Daily skin care tips:

1. Eight glasses of water a day. You must drink a large glass of water before eating in the morning to clear your stomach.

2.one day. Adhere to good habits, detoxification, and if necessary, eat bananas.

3. avoid staying up late. Staying up late is the biggest natural enemy of beauty.

4. when washing the face, to be completely washed, do not have residual cosmetics

5. less playing computer, the phone can not be turned on the bed, there is radiation, the impact on the skin is fierce.

6. can not squeeze the streaks by hand, let it fall from the ground, so it is not easy to leave marks.

7. bed sets, pillows should be cleaned regularly, otherwise there will be many mites to breed, easy to get infected when sleeping.

8. it is best to sleep before eleven o'clock. Do not eat up late at night.

9. Try to eat as little as possible.

10. skin care products should not be used indiscriminately, it is best to use a series of goods, to understand their skin.