Efficacy Of PRP

- Jun 04, 2018-

PRP Efficacy

1. Strong resistance and anti-wrinkle failure: PRP is rich in ten kinds of growth factors, after the injection of leather shallow, can stimulate a large number of collagen and elastic fiber, pectin, etc, so as to achieve the goal of powerful and anti-wrinkle resistance to failure.


2. Overcoming tissue deficiency: when PRP is injected into the skin, strong growth factors will promote tissue regeneration, which has special effects on pitting scar and tissue deficiency, and can also be used for lip augmentation.


3. For the neck, forehead lines, crow's feet, sichuan words, stretch marks, growth lines, eye fine lines, dorsum lines and corners of the mouth wrinkle these common wrinkles, PRP anti-wrinkle injection technique can effectively remove.


4. PRP injection can treat pigmentation, pigmentation change (pigmentation), sunburn, erythema, chloasma and acne after inflammation.


5. For the face, hands and neck, loose skin, rough skin, dark and yellow skin, it can be solved by PRP injection.


6. Save allergic skin: continuous treatment with PRP will change the original skin stress system, make skin healthier, more energetic and effectively improve allergic skin.