Hair removal method of bikini laser hair removal

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. Photon hair removal. Photon Bikini laser Hair removal method is the principle of the wavelength of absorption of melanin, the use of light heating effect to destroy the hair cells, fundamentally terminate the hair growth cycle.

2. Freezing point hair removal. Freezing point hair removal according to the principle of selective photothermal, the use of the freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, laser penetration of the skin to maintain a certain temperature, the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells to lose their activity, to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. It can be a large area of cool and painless remove excess hair, effectively protect the surrounding skin, so that the beauty can quickly hair removal.

3. Moonlight Vacuum hair removal. Moonlight Vacuum hair removal equipment through vacuum negative pressure will gently suck the skin into the treatment head, the thinning of the skin makes the hair more accessible to the laser, reduces the density of melanin cells in the skin, and reduces the absorption of the skin's energy, while the vacuum pressure temporarily presses the skin and the surrounding blood vessels, and the blood flow is temporarily pressed away, Reduce the energy absorption of oxygen and hemoglobin, reduce seikkyi competitive energy absorption, so that more energy is absorbed by the target melanin, heat accumulation, destroy the hair follicle, so that hair loss of regenerative ability.