How to hydrate

- Oct 25, 2018-

How to hydrate

1. drink water (white boiled water, pure water), regular quantitative drinking water. It is best to drink a coffee cup at a time. At least eight cups a day. Eat more fruits

2. eat more soy products

3. Drink soup at least twice a week

4. remember to use toner after each face wash, and then use moisturizer / cream, because the moisturizer / cream is only to moisturize and protect the skin, and can not play the role of hydrating and water retention And this toner can help you, (If you are oily skin, use moisturizer, do not use cream.) Toner is best to tap to absorb. cream and night cream can not be mixed, night cream is very important for the skin, because the night is when the skin grows, use the night cream to ensure the metabolism of the skin. Of course, use the toner before using the night cream

6. the bag always has a box of blotting paper, because the oil will also affect the effect of skin hydration.

7. to ensure adequate sleep

8. one to three times a week to fill the water film, depending on the skin condition. At least once

9. Fill the mineral water with a small watering can and carry it with you. When you feel the oil on the face or dry it, spray it a few times, then pat it until it is absorbed. Finally, take a small watering can and spray it for five to ten minutes before going to bed at night. There will be a noticeable improvement in the week.