How to identify a truly useful skin analyzer system?

- Apr 10, 2018-

1.Choose a professional manufacturer.

Only professional manufacturers can compare of the collocation of hardware and software, the analysis of the skin is not good hardware alone, the image quality is clear, accurate ratio and good uniformity of light, data analysis will be accurate, the collocation of hardware and software is crucial.

2. Hardware technology

Latest invention detect mirror technology through digital processing of a kind of skin image processing system, it has a unique ability, you can see the pigment skin and skin health, and may change over time to measure and monitor the changes.It can help you understand the problem of aging skin, skin oil content, moisture content of skin pigment spots and the status of the distribution, sun damage, the condition of pores, wrinkles, can also be used to track the progress of treatment, even the smallest change, it can also, according to the quantitative give you confidence and direction of the treatment.

3. Software analysis system.

Real useful skin analysis software should be accurate data issued by the software, it should have a few big analysis module and can accurately analyze the skin oil, moisture, splash, pores, skin age (also known as the elasticity of your skin) changes in the situation, and should be every test should have accurate data, such as how many percentage of water to oil, discoloration, such as elastic to how many percentage ratio.In this way, it is helpful for the comparison and accurate control of skin changes. Data is the key factor of skin analysis system.