- Apr 11, 2018-


The photon is also known as strong pulse light, which is a broad spectrum of visible light. IPL skin rejuvenation is also based on the principle of selective photo-thermal action.The relatively long wavelengths of intense pulsed light output can penetrate deep into the skin with thermal effect and light chemistry, making the skin collagen and elastic fiber rearrange and regeneration, restoring elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of rejuvenation.


Facial Anti-aging, Tightening Skin, Wrinkle Removal

Acne and Scars Treatment

Pigmentation Removal

Reduce eye wrinkles and lift the corners of the eyes

Skin Rejuvenation


Non-invasive technology, no pain, no adverse reactions and side effects

The effect is obvious: whitening, tender skin, anti-aging, fine pores, delaying senility

High cost performance: compared with injection and plastic surgery, the effect is positive and no worries, risks. .

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