Pay attention to the point of PRP

- Aug 07, 2018-

1.Be prepared mentally.

You can choose to rely on the medical unit or doctors for surgery, to eliminate your fear of hyaluronic acid injection, to be full of determination and security, to calm the collaboration of doctors to achieve a good hope.Hyaluronic acid injection should not be blindly treated to avoid forming adverse results.

2. Before hyaluronic acid injection, you should fully understand relevant knowledge and reflect on relevant books. It is better to visit people who have been given hyaluronic acid injection, and it is better to see the whole process of hyaluronic acid injection.

3. Before hyaluronic acid injection, the injection site should not contain any bacterial lesions, such as folliculitis, swelling, acne, acute ophthalmia, sinusitis, rhinitis, and nasal vestibular boils.

4. It is best to take a bath the day before the injection of hyaluronic acid. Before the injection of hyaluronic acid, the face should be washed with soap before going to the operating table to reduce the amount of bacteria as much as possible.

Hyaluronic acid injection before the body has other diseases, constitute low resistance, also randomly caused by hyaluronic acid injection infection and affect wound healing.

5. Women cannot have hyaluronic acid injection during menstruation to avoid postoperative infection.