Precautions for Photon freckle

- Jan 10, 2018-

Preoperative precautions
1. Do not wear makeup before surgery, keep the face clean, prevent skin inflammation.
2. It is very important to choose a good formal hospital and communicate with the doctor before the operation.
3. Clean skin, makeup wash face, prevent some cosmetic ingredients interference and influence.

Postoperative precautions
1. After treatment in the treatment site will have a slight burning sensation and slight redness of the skin, this is the normal response. If necessary, can do 10--15 minutes of local cold compress to alleviate or eliminate red hot phenomenon.
2. The day after treatment should use low-temperature water to clean the skin, you can use moisturizing sunscreen skin care products.
3. Please pay attention to sunscreen during treatment.
4. After freckle for the best treatment effect, must be in accordance with the doctor's Daily skin care.
5. After six months of treatment can not be exfoliating, steaming mulberry, etc., daytime should be used in conjunction with sunscreen.
6. Keep yourself in a good mood, avoid undue anxiety, and have enough sleep to help you repair.
7. Can eat more food containing vitamin C and E or oral vitamin C, as far as possible, eating less soy sauce, beef, pickles, shrimp, crab, wine, coffee and other excitant food, go out to avoid direct vision.