- Feb 26, 2019-

Changes in temperature, wind, rain, excessive heat ... Your Daily Pharma brings you some simple actions to avoid tugging, irritation, and save the skin from the cold.

Optimize your shower. It can become a real care provided you follow a few rules. First, choose a mild cleansing product formulated for sensitive skin. Neutralize the limestone. If your skin is very sensitive and / or your water is very hard, the ideal is also to spray a veil of thermal water all over the body after rinsing, then wipe by dabbing very gently your towel on your skin. The limestone does not remain on the surface of the epidermis, and you avoid irritation.

Moisturize the skin deeply. In winter, the epidermis has to deal with climatic aggressions, and it is difficult for it to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Its protective barrier function is then impaired. It is therefore advisable to give it a little boost with daily body care very rich. Particularly indicated in case of skin with atopic tendency.

Protect your face and your hands. If the body is often abused in winter, the parts most exposed to cold, wind and poorly regulated heating are those that are not protected by clothing, ie the face, lips and hands . It is therefore necessary to trade his usual day cream for a more nourishing care.

Beware of scrubs too stripping. It is good to rid the skin of dead skin cells by scrubbing the entire body once a week. But this action can irritate the delicate skins, which - in winter - are already sensitized by the cold, the wind and the changes of temperature ...