PRP Types ——Third

- Jun 15, 2018-

Chemical synthesis: natural enzyme polymerization;

First use polysaccharide polymer synthesis "oxygen and nitrogen heterocyclic pentene hyaluronic acid derivatives", then add water decomposition enzyme, create a complex derivatives and enzyme, finally in 90 degrees Celsius in the reaction liquid to remove one of the enzymes, hyaluronic acid was synthesized. The synthetic method can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of hyaluronic acid, but the structure is not pure.

Also is a product of hyaluronic acid, because the difference of raw material source and made into technology, have obvious influence on the effect. The concentration of the products can't choose products as reference, purity, molecular weight, 3 d structure will directly affect the water absorption of hyaluronic acid effect. Molecular weight is big, the mesh structure more complete, usually has the best effect of absorbing water. Anecdotal maintain article, cosmetics, but many owners of homemade hyaluronic acid, cheap, but not necessarily effective. Some oral hyaluronic acid, will be broken down into sugars and amino acids after intestinal absorption unit of small molecules, still must through self synthesis steps can be born

In skin, connective tissue, its effect must also be discounted.