Safety of bikini laser hair removal

- Jan 10, 2018-

Bikini laser Hair removal is the use of melanin in the hair follicle in the absorption of Yuguangpo energy, so that penetrate the skin surface to reach the skin can be absorbed by their own hair follicle cells, after a certain transformation of these light energy will eventually form a lot of heat, so that the hair follicle in the role of high temperature was completely destroyed, So as to achieve permanent removal of hair.

Bikini laser hair removal is relatively safe, it for the body hair can be completely quickly removed, at the same time this method can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, so that you easily have a clean and flawless, soft and smooth skin charming.

Adaptation of the crowd
1. Congenital hairy: Hairy in normal or abnormal parts due to heredity, race, endocrine disorders.

2. Hairy disease: Endocrine disorders cause the body to grow thick hair.

3. No sun exposure or suntanned skin was received before surgery.