Skin Care - 4 In 1 Small Bubble Water Dermabrasion Machine

- May 10, 2018-

The allure of youth and vitality is strong, and we want to look young and beautiful at all times, but though with age, this becomes increasingly difficult. The natural aging process in our bodies transform us, making us look and feel different than we did when we were in our teenage years. The age spots and wrinkles become too hard to ignore and we turn to ways and means that can thwart this process.

So is there any way to achieve this effect?

   Yes, our Diamond Skin Peel Oxygen Jet Water Microdermabrasion Machine can be applied to the following situations:


• Cleaning: clean into depth, remove the skin stratum corneum and minimally-invasive scar, and clear off blackheads.

• Water replenishing: clean the skin while replenishing with sufficient moisture.

• Repairing: improve the skin, shrink pores, smoothen skin and repair skin cell. It is applicable to the “thick skin” of stratum cornwum, the dark, dull and glossless skin color as well as the skin with uneven pigments, wrinkles, lack of flexibility, sun burns and so on.

• To repel dark circles and slight winkles aroud eyes, and reshape skin with compactness and elasticity.

• Facial beautification and skin care, shaping the young status. Applicable to the concave holes, acne, initial & medium fatty-particle sores, blemishes and all kinds of stains and so on.


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