Technical principle and background of photon hair removal

- Jan 10, 2018-

Technical principle
The principle of photon hair removal is the selective light pyrolysis with patented strong pulsed light source, the normal epidermis of the damage to the light, penetrating the skin directly to the hair follicle root, hair and hair follicles in the melanin absorption and transformation into heat, thereby increasing the hair follicle temperature, when the temperature rise to high enough, the hair follicle structure irreversible damage, The damaged hairs and hair follicles are removed by a natural process, while the rest of the surrounding tissue is not damaged and thus achieves painless hair removal.

Technical background
Photon hair removal using modern high-tech means, and modern medical beauty combined. Abnormal hair growth or hairy is part of the time, may also be associated with the use of a drug (such as testosterone) and Hairy syndrome, a great impact on beauty. Hair removal is mainly concentrated in the armpit, double upper limb and lower limb and female upper lip, male cheek, neck and chest. The key to inhibit hair growth is to accurately destroy two important components of the hair follicle, namely, hair convex and dermal papilla. Today, with the rapid advances in medical technology, a new hair removal technique--photon hair removal--was born.