the advantages of the 4 In 1 Small Bubble Water Dermabrasion Machine

- May 15, 2018-

What are the advantages of our products different from those of similar products?

• The built-in liquid circulation and level sensing & alarming system ensures the safety.

• The precise pressure regulator valve is equipped to enable the pressure adjustment to be more accurate and more stable.

• The precise flow control valve is equipped to enable a more accurate flow control and maximize the running time of the apparatus after a single water filling (1-2 hours).

• By equipping the diamond micro-engraving tubes with nine different diameters matching with the appropriate suction force and motion speed, you can fully ensure to find the position to be carved and control the depth of skin rubbing.

• Eight water-carving heads with patented mesh faces with difference density are equipped to meet the different requirements of different skin types.

• All functions are non-invasive and non-irritating while course of treatment is safe, simple, convenient and free of side effects.