The application and contraindication of pressotherapy machine

- Apr 10, 2018-


• Lie in bed for a long time;

• Control muscle atrophy;

• Intermittent claudication;

• Upper and lower limb lymphedema;

• Lymphadenopathy edema;

• Venous ulceration;

• Prevent deep vein thrombosis;

• Physical spasm (pain division);

• Body care for pregnant women;

• A chronic disease caused by a vein;

• Fat dissolve;

• Rheumatoid arthritis;

• Muscle damage caused by exercise;

• Improve the bowel and eliminate constipation;

• A disease caused by an interruption in the circulation of the blood;

• To relieve the numbness of the hands and feet caused by stress;

• Residual swelling after amputation (long-term swelling causes complications) ;

• Complex regional pain syndromes (such as neuroreflexive edema, hemiplegic limb edema after cerebrovascular accident);

• Diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis, can obviously shorten the patient's hospital time;

• Beautiful leg slimming: cycle through massage, effects on human tissue, to dredge meridian, promoting circulation, enhance the body's metabolism, eliminate edema, row poison, strengthen the decomposition of fat and fat burning effect, make the slimming, beautiful skin, detoxification and care and at the same time to complete;

• Detumescence stops pain: promote blood circulation of lower limbs, quickly remove the body of primary secondary edema, relieve pain, paralyzed unwell body rehabilitation, still can alleviate limb numbness, cold feet, blood deficiency symptoms; Varicose veins that help prevent varicose veins for subhealthy people, especially those who are sedentary, sedentary, or long-term in bed;

• Limb paralysis (cerebral infarction) can improve the blood supply of the heart and brain, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, relieve the headache, dizziness and insomnia caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.



• Severe body infection is not effectively controlled.

• Recent lower extremity deep venous thrombosis.

• Extensive ulcerative rash.

• There is a bleeding tendency.