The brief maintenance of the tattoo removal machine.

- Apr 23, 2018-

1. Clean output lens.

The rear end of the sight is fitted with an output lens, and it is recommended that every treatment should be completed to check whether there is stain on the surface of the lens.

If yes, please remove the output lens and wipe with a cotton swab.

2. It is suggested that the machine should be changed to water once after using 1-2 months, which can increase the service life of the machine.

Warning it is strictly forbidden to check and clean the output lens when powered on.

A. Supplementary cooling water:

After 2-3 months, observe the cooling water level from the observation hole of the water level.

If the water level of the cooling water is lower than the water line (down state), please fill the water tank with the syringe to the water level.

The cooling water must be distilled water!

It is recommended to use distilled water or purified water. Do not use tap water or other unqualified water.

B. Special note:

The machine is equipped with anti-interference measures on the software program. When the machine is switched on, the computer may reset automatically and the system will be restarted when it is switched to the standby mode or the external interference is too large.

In case of accidental power failure, the software program of the machine is provided with protection function, and then it will be switched on after a minute.