The effect factor of tattoo removal machine

- Apr 24, 2018-

The effect factor of tattoo removal machine.

Light solidification method is used for tattoo removal: Q switch laser technology on the basis of the use of different wavelengths of laser surgery can selectively, prevent the skin from damage. The pigment particles will turn into samller powder, with the laser energy and be absorbed by macrophages and removed.

Whether the tattoo is easy to remove or not depends on the size, location, and quality of the ink used.According to most tattoo artists, black is easier to remove and color is difficult to remove.If the color of the tattoo is darker, it needs to be repeated several times, changing the wavelength of the light.

It is easy to remove the pattern of professional tattoo artist.Because they have the same into the color of the skin depth, another is professional tattoo parlors used tattoo needle, needle mouth is one-off, pigment and ink cup are also change every time, so it can eliminate the risk of infection.