The Effect of Pressotherapy Machine

- Apr 12, 2018-

•  For upper and lower limb edema:

The primary and secondary lymphedema of the lower limb, chronic venous edema, lipid edema, mixed edema, etc. The effect is remarkable, especially for the upper extremity lymphedema after breast surgery. 

The treatment principle is that promote blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, pushing some of the causes of pain, uncomfortable metabolites and inflammatory pain substances into the main circulation to eliminate, thereby eliminating edema.

• For patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia and paralysis:

Hemiplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, long-term bedridden patients’ muscle contractions due to the slow flow of blood, which is easy to occur lower extremity deep vein thrombosis. Paralysis, spinal cord injury is the highest risk factor for deep vein thrombosis, with a 50-100% chance of forming. Improper prevention of treatment may lead to life-threatening pulmonary embolism, or may result in swelling of the lower extremities, ulcers, and pigmentation of the skin.

Apply the pressotherapy  apparatus, unloading after pressing body again and again, so that produce as muscle systole and diastolic function, promote venous blood and lymph circulation, and obtain good massage effect. It has important significance to prevent deep vein thrombosis and lower limb muscle atrophy.

• For diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis:

Application of pressotherapy apparatus in pressure on the disease of limbs, accelerated the process of venous blood and lymphatic tissue fluid backflow, can drive lymphatic fluid and venous blood near heart to the body quickly, and reduce the pressure in acromegaly group.

In the gas emptying time, artery will be enhanced rapidly, thus improve the body tissue blood oxygen rapidly, and remove substances and inflammatory substances, which is more beneficial for rehabilitation of patients with lower limb arterial ischemia (diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis, intermittent claudication).