The position of acne on your face can tell your health - Nose area & Lip Area

- Aug 01, 2018-

Nose area: When acne spot occurs on this position, it relates heart problem and Genito-urinary system. Red pimple occurring on nose can identify hypertension, impact from hormones, or menstruation period. When you clean your face, should massage the area around your nose. Eat less pungent foods and meat that can protect this problem. In additional, get more fresh air and exercise everyday.

Lip Area: Acne on above lip relates heart problem and Genito-urinary system. For acne below lip relates hormone balance and menstruation period. Eat spicy and fried foods, can cause the acne on lip area so eat less them. You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Massage abdominal area in a clockwise motion when you clean your face. Change your toothpaste because it may due to this acne.