The principle of photon freckle

- Jan 10, 2018-

Photon freckle is through the 530-1000nm of the broad spectrum of color to the skin, skin target tissue, such as pigment, blood capillary expansion of hemoglobin and collagen layer will selectively absorb the photon energy, photon freckle produces a certain optical effect, pigment and capillary expansion will be gradually decomposed by the body to absorb the metabolism of the outside, So that the photon freckle to achieve the treatment of capillary dilation, color plaque effect. Because the normal epidermis rarely absorbs photon energy, the photon freckle will not be damaged. 610-1000nm of the broad spectrum of light irradiation to the skin by the hair and hair follicles in the selective absorption of pigments, resulting in the light and heat of the hair follicle is damaged, so that hair growth cell death, so that the photon freckle to achieve permanent hair removal effect.

Photon freckle wide spectrum strong pulse light in which the wavelength of the photon is longer, stimulates the skin the collagen fiber and the elasticity fiber rearrangement increase, causes the skin elasticity to increase, at the same time, the photon freckle also makes the blood vessel organization function enhancement, the circulation improvement, these functions common existence, thus the photon freckle achieves eliminates the wrinkle, reduces the pore the treatment effect.