Things to pay attention to during pregnancy

- Jan 22, 2019-

There are some basic precautions during pregnancy. Adherence to these rules can better protect mothers and babies from 40 weeks of pregnancy.

1-Take folic acid: You decided to get pregnant, then you should start using folic acid 3 months in advance without being pregnant. Folic acid is very important in the mental development of the baby.

2-Eat less and often: Do not limit yourself with only 3 meals per day. On the contrary, keep your meal hours wider. Eat less, but often eat, fruit and vegetables at 2-hour intervals.

3- Increase the amount of calories: In addition to the amount of calories you normally add 300 calories to supplement the supplementary food. You can do this with snacks.

4- Exercise: Always go out for a 25-minute walk during your pregnancy.

5- Take plenty of fluids: consume 1.5-3 liters of water per day during pregnancy. Constipation is a serious problem during pregnancy. Therefore, you should consume plenty of liquid and eat fiber foods.