Things to pay attention to during pregnancy (Continue)

- Jan 24, 2019-

6- Keep your skin moist: In pregnancy, especially in the abdomen, chest and hip areas will expand and crack. Apply a lot of moisturizing cream or oil to prevent this.

7- Choose cotton: prefer to wear cotton in your underwear and follow the hygiene rules. Contact your doctor if you have a scented discharge (yellow, colored, itching).

8- Do not forget to drink warm baths and milk: At night before a bed in a warm bath will relax both you and your baby, and a warm milk on it if you sleep more comfortably sleep.

9- Sleep on hard ground: In the process of pregnancy, especially after 8 months because of too much load on the body forces the spine. If you lie on a hard floor, your back pain decreases.

10- Use the appropriate bra: the comfort of your breasts is very important in this process. It is necessary for the milk channels not to be squeezed and a healthy breastfeeding period.