Treatment of common skin problems

- Oct 17, 2018-

Various parts of chloasma show that

1. Brown spot.

(1) endocrine disorders cause various hormonal disorders;

(2) cosmetic allergy and daily rotatory dermatitis;

(3) liver and gallbladder disease, gynecological diseases, liver and kidney deficiency.

2. Around the eye brown spot.

(1) gynecological diseases cause hormone imbalance in women;

(2) common damage to inferior cosmetics and ultraviolet rays;

(3) mental stimulation, emotional instability, psychological barriers;

(4) liver qi stagnation or liver kidney yin deficiency and blood stasis.

3. Cheek brown spot.

(1) abortion, premature delivery, pregnancy, contraception or gynecopathy;

(2) chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, tumor and hepatobiliary diseases;

(3) liver and spleen disharmony, liver and kidney yin deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency;

(4) lack of protein, vitamins and trace elements;

(5) damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, radiation and screen radiation;

(6) abusing heavy metal and hormone whitening cosmetics;

(7) oral contraception, weight loss and psychotropic drugs are improper;

(8) melancholy, irritability, staying up late, tired and long-term constipation.

4. The upper lip is brown spot.

Liver and spleen disharmony, gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, excretion