Use and advantage of skin analyser

- Apr 11, 2018-

1. The analysis system, without the other water test pen to replenish moisture data, CBS software just need to the lens to counterclockwise, by getting under the skin cutin layer of moisture data direct access to data, data accuracy is high.

2. The form of results and the form of product recommendation.

After the analysis, the accurate data is displayed directly in the lower right corner. When the analysis data is obtained, the results are very straightforward and easy to understand, and the relevant products are directly selected from the product recommendation area.The efficacy of the selected products will appear directly in the report.

3. Time required for the shooting method and analysis of pictures.

The analysis of oil, pigment, pores, elasticity, wrinkles and other items can only be taken in one picture. Under the transparent layer of moisture analysis, another picture should be taken.In all, only two pictures are needed to complete all the projects, including introducing and recommending products. It takes only three minutes to save computer memory space.

4. Backup and restore of data.

In the process of use, data can be automatically backed up, or it can be backed up manually, which is crucial for users, and can be disastrous if the data is lost.

5. The convenience of product pre-recording.

If your company is a cosmetics chain, you only need to enter all the products in a computer, data backup, and then can be directly after the backup data to restore to any other set of software, need not every computer to input, it will do the integrity of the merchant's products and saves more workload.

6. Adaptability of software system.

Support for various versions of the system, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, and so on.

7. Set the test standards in the background.

The background test standard can be adjusted, which can be applied to all kinds of national skin, not only for Asian skin type.