46th International Beauty Expo (Guangzhou)

- Mar 05, 2018-

    The 46th Guangzhou International Beauty Expo was closed on  11th March, which was established in 1989. It has held twice a year since year 1996. Guangzhou International Beauty Expo is the most influential beauty trade event in China. With 10 exhibition halls presenting a wide spectrum of beauty and related products, the expo attracts visitors from all over China, Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific regions. The Expo covers the beauty and hair industry. In addition, beauty schools, trade media, trade offices and associations also participated in the fair. In this season, the visitors broke the record over 800,000, pavilion area over 260,000Sqms and more than 3800 companies and book stalls. It is created an ideal one-stop platform for traders of the industry, including demonstrations, forums and seminars covering various subjects on beauty, hair, spa, packaging, etc. conducted by specialists and elites from leading industry associations, media and enterprises. The fair is not just a major showcase of beauty products but also the weather vane for beauty trends in China.