Anesthesia Method And Preoperative Preparation Of Laser Hair Removal

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. Modalities of anesthesia
General anesthesia, pain sensitive person can use surface anesthesia.

2. Preoperative preparation
(1) for Ⅲ type ~ⅴ skin patients with darker skin, it is advisable to avoid daylight before operation, preferably with sunscreen for 4-6 weeks, with the tendency of pigmentation to be added to the prevention of hydroquinone.
(2) The preoperative treatment area must be prepared with skin, thoroughly scraping hair. Because the visible hair will cause the burning of the laser caused by high fever and damage the epidermis, but also can lead to the irreversible damage of the laser guide head, and cause unpleasant smell, but can not use mechanical extraction or wax hair removal.