Factors Affecting The Hair Removal Of Laser Hair Removal Machine

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. Different devices, laser hair removal effect is also different.
In terms of equipment, different treatment equipment in effect is a certain difference, laser light source on the laser hair removal effect is a great influence, that is, some laser light source intensity than the larger instruments, the treatment effect will be better than those small light intensity of the instrument better.

2. Physical differences also affect the effect of laser hair removal.
Everyone's physique is different, and the degree of hair density, growth ability is also different, the effect of hair removal is not the same, so different individuals adopt the same hair removal method, some sensitive people, they may be able to take off all at once, while others are not sensitive to the crowd, may have to take off several times to achieve point effect.

3. The color difference between skin and hair results in different laser hair removal.
Skin color and hair color differences, treatment will also have a certain difference, because the selective laser treatment is exceptionally strong, it is based on the skin of the color of the situation to determine, that is, different parts of the hair follicle on the laser hair removal reaction is different, in the same individual body, different parts of the hair removal effect is also different, Because of different parts of the pigment is also a difference.