Misunderstanding Of Photon Freckle

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. Divide the spot to treat。
Skin is generally divided into oily skin, neutral skin, dry skin, mixed skin, and so on, each skin can appear long spots, but for different skin should use different freckle method, so as to avoid the occurrence of allergies and other phenomena.

2. Long spot early, busy eye freckle。
Facial just long outstanding spot, often have a lot of women are not very concerned about, in the absence of professional guidance, casual purchase freckle products, self freckle, so often more serious consequences, so that the color spots more and more deep. In fact, the early appearance of the spot is the best treatment time, this time should be based on different spots different causes to choose the appropriate treatment, which can save a lot of treatment time and economic costs.

3. Think the stain is not cured。
Many times in the beauty salon treatment but did not improve the experience let a lot of people lose the confidence of freckle, or even a kind of laissez-faire attitude, in Sheng experts, color spots can be cured, only for different skin different reasons, choose the right treatment, can achieve the most ideal effect.

4. Only "results" regardless of the "consequences"。
Long-spotted patients are often eager to dispel spots, even at all costs of the desire to eliminate the spot in a short period of time, it is such an urgent mentality, so many people choose the "quick" stripping method freckle or short-term bleaching skin freckle, it looks really immediate, but the skin will also suffer significant damage, Their own immunity will also fall, so that the color spots again "back".