Fractional Co2 Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Technical Features

High power supply

3 kinds of treatment

Well-balanced articulated arm

Adjustable focal spot lenses

Product Details

Fractional Co2 Laser Stretch Mark Removal

The CO2 Laser treatment is suitable for general surgery, dermatology, gynecology, ENT, paediatrics, urology. It is mainly use cutting, burning, carbonization, gasification, hemostasis way to heal. This product is especially suitable for dispelling various wrinkles, acne and acne scars, surgical scars, traumatic scars, benign skin tumors, etc.. after plastic surgery.

CO2 Laser uses advanced CO2 laser treatment technology, safe and effective treatment for mild treat your skin. No discomfort such as burning tingling, acupuncture or peel; no swelling after the treatment, no infection.

A CO2 fractional treatment allows up to a 75% reduction in noticeable stretch marks just after a few treatments. For pregnant women, it is recommended to get laser stretch mark removal treatments as soon as possible after their delivery. The sooner the stretch marks are treated after their appearance, the better. Many middle-aged men and women now opt for fractional CO2 treatment for stretch marks.


1. Fractional Mode:

◆ Scars:superficial scar,hypertophic scar and keloid.Such as burnt scars,acne scars,surgical scars ect;

◆ Pigmented lesions:Chloasma,freckles ,age spots ,sun spots ,Camls.

◆ Reconstruction of photo-aging skin.

◆ Melasma

◆ Stretch Mark removal


2. CW and Ultra-Pulse Mode:
In cosmetic surgery,it can be adopted to incisions for Blepharoplasty,skin tags and ingrown nails,compound Nevus and intra dermal Nevus,plastic surgery,laparoscopy,gynecology,proctology,warts,xanthelasma and other epidermal nevi.


3. SM Mode:
Thermal radiation make Mucosa tissue contraction and collagen fibers thereby improving and restructuring vaginal tightening.

◆ Shrink vagina: rapid tightening, constriction, lasting firmness.

◆ Beautify vagina: dilute pigment, pink labia.

◆ Moist vagina: increase secretion, eliminate dryness.

◆ Maintenance vagina: deep rejuvenation, prevent aging.

◆ To improve sensitivity.

◆ Private health, balance PH, improve the internal environment.


According to a recent research paper published by Farahnaz Fatemi Naein and Mehrnaz Soghrati (Fractional CO2 Laser as an effective modality in treatment of striae alba in skin types III and IV), fractional CO2 laser seems to be one of the most effective methods for treatment of stretch marks. Many other treatments also exist like tropical creams and oils but they take more than 6 months just to show an measly improvement of 10 to 20 percent. While fractional Co2 laser for stretch mark removal is more fast and effective.

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Technical Advantages
(1) Adopted 30W higher power CO2 laser generator ,brings maximum results and minimun downtime.
(2) 3 kinds of optics lens meet different area treatment requirements.
(3) Adjustable focal spot lenses can be freely used for deep or shallow skin tissues.
(4) Air cooling comes with the hand piece to reduces patient discomfort.
(5) Well-balanced articulated arm with 45 positioning.
(6) High power single pulse laser and extreme tiny light beam works on the vagina mucosa and muscular tissue,generate the most tissue reconstruction.
(7) Elegant design preferred to aesthetic centers and clinics.
(8) Excellent ventilation ensures long-time and sufficient running of machine.

Fractional CO2 laser (superior treatment for stretch marks) We have fractional CO2 laser machine for stretch mark removal and laser resurfacing. It also helps to improve skin texture, tighten the skin and reduces sagging. You would need 4 sessions to improve the stretch mark by at least 60-80%.





Main body of the machine

Foot switch







Power cord



Articulating arm light guide



Model: FD-ET100 CO2 Laser

1. Laser wavelength: 10.6µm

2. Output power: 1-40W (Single pulse)   1-120W (Super pulse)

3. Matrix form: Pulsed light scanning

Scan pattern: Square,rectangular, circular, oval (standard), triangular, hexagonal, and straight line


Scan points: Max. 400 points

Pulse energy: 5mJ-100mJ/point

Total pulse energy: 125mJ-1kJ

Focal spot diameter: ≤0.1mm(FFLS)≤0.2mm(HFLS) Spots interval: 0.001s

4. Guidelines beam: red semiconductor laser (≤5mw)

5. Light guide system: seven joint torsion spring articulated arm

6. Control panel: 10.4-inch color touch screen

7. Cooling system: Built-in sealed water cooling circle system

8. Power supply: 100/110V,50-60Hz; 230-260V,50-60Hz




Payment method
*T/T: Accept USD, EUR, HKD, GBP etc. (Many currency, Suit for all clients)
*Western Union: Quickly to the account, Priority in delivery
*Behalf Paying: Your Chinese friends or your Chinese agent can pay for in RMB

We have 1 year warranty, two year update warranty and lifetime maintenance:
1)Within 1year, if there is some accessory going wrong, we will send you the accessory at once, free of charge.
2) Within 1 month, if the machine is of any big fails, we will send you a new machine.
3) Within 1year, if you send back the equipment for repair, we will be responsible for the repair, including the changes of accessories; Both of them are free of charge.
4) After 1year, we offer to repair the machine, but we quire for the cost of the changed parts, not for manual cost.
5) No responsibility for man-made destroy.
6) If the buyer has any questions from our technical department, we can supply on-line service.

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