Skin Analyzer Magnifier

Technical Features

1. Unique RGB / UV photo shot system

2. 12 Mega pixels high solution RGB/UV CCD

3. Analysis area user definable

Product Details

Skin Analyzer Magnifier


Skin Analyzer Magnifier is the world's most advanced skin test machine, named as "Skin CT". Through the imaging technology of RGB and UV, skin analyzer can accurately detect both epidermis and dermis problem, such as epidermis skin spot quantity, density, Pore quantity, density, wrinkle and skin roughness as well as deep skin pigmentation, acne, moisture state. As well as accurately detect and analyze the damage of skin caused by bad quality cosmetics, UV light or sun. Skin Analyzer Magnifier is an effective and necessary assistant for beauty salon, skin clinic and perfect tool for cosmetics companies. Skin Analyzer Magnifier makes the skin nursing has enough prove, by accurate skin analysis as well as comparison pictures of before and after treatment, it is non-surgical and non-invasion, customer just need to sit on chair and close eyes and put whole face at right place, then operator click shoot, only 2 seconds can finish the picture taking, 3-5 minutes can finish whole analysis, after analysis, then system will generate the report automatically, accurate and fast, can be a really perfect skin tester.


Functions of Skin Analyzer Magnifier

Fine lines and wrinkles

Hyperpigmentation (age/dark spots)

Enlarged pores

Skin tone evenness (color variation)

Porphyrins (evidence of bacterial growth)

Sun damage (UV spots)




Features of Skin Analyzer Magnifier

1. Unique RGB / UV photo shot system

2. Real-time preview + dual pictures display

3.12 Mega pixels high solution RGB/UV CCD

4.Comfortable tilted check entrance, human-oriented design

5.Powerful PC software supporting for automatic precise analysis

6.Analysis area user definable

7.Before and after contrast, easily to compare

8.Not only check facial skin today, and also "see" the facial skin in the future



Technical Specification:

Rated Voltage








Size of Machine


Size of Packing


RGB Color temperature


RGB Illumination


RGB lamp life


UV lamp life


Digital camera sensor model

CCD 1/1.7

Digital camera pixels



What can Skin Analyzer Magnifier do for you?

1.Skin Analyzer Magnifier is a very fundermental equipment for facial skin care.It can detect  dermis skin problem accurately.

2.For beauty salon and clinic, if we want to really help our customer improve their skin condition, we need first know what problem customer skin really has, then we can offer accurate treatment suggestion.

3. For cosmetics seller, if customers not really realize their skin has serious problem, then customer may have no great desire to buy related products to improve. However if customer know how badly their skin in deep and what will happen in near future of their skin, they will become nervous and eager to know how to prevent, then your suggestion will soon become effective.

4.Normally nearly all female know that take care of skin is a long run project, but they may change products frequently if you not give them an evidence that use your products or receive your treatment is indeed effective, so we need some tools to give them confidence about your products and your treatment. What is this tool? It is Skin Analyzer Magnifier.

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