High Power Tattoo Removal Machine

Technical Features

large output energy

Germany Xenon lamp

Israel Q-switch

Special simmer power source

Product Details

High Power Tattoo Removal Machine

Tattoo Removal Treatment Principle
The certain wavelength laser(1064nm,532nm) effect on treatment areas, the abnormal pigmentations will absorb the accumulated powerful laser energy by the Q switch, parts of them will break up into tiny particles and come out of epidermis at once , the others will be licked up by macrophage , then be eliminated from body as the metabolish .Then pigments become ligther and lighter till be fully removed. This high Power tattoo removal machine has higher laser energy, the treatment is painless and fast.



High Power Tattoo Removal Machine Features

* Easy to operate, quick to be cured.

* No bleeding, narcotization is not necessary.

* High and new laser technology-instantaneous explosion.

* English color touch LCD screen tactile operation interface, in both Chinese and English

* Standardized building block design, convenient in maintenance.

* Will not destroy hair follicle, will not injure ordinary skin and scarless.

* The machine can work successive at a stable energy. Luminous intensity will not decrease.

* Special allocation: Big spot treatment headpiece, can contract Bulky pore ( with Black Face Baby).

* 1000W high power laser power, makes the treatment more efficiency and fast.

High Power Tattoo Removal Machine Therapeutic range:
1. 1064nm Wavelength: black and dark blue tattoo removal, such as tattoos, eyebrows, dark color around the eyes, freckle, age spot etc.
2. 532nm Wavelength: red and brown tattoos removal and red mark removal
3. 1320nm wavelength: The 1320nm wavelength: Skin whitening and tightening.


High Power Tattoo Removal Machine Operation tips:
1. Please adjust the power of the machine from low to high little by little according to the skin conditions to get the best treatment. Again. The laser aiming point should focus on the coloring point.1064 is for black tattoo. 532 is for colorful tattoo.

2. Please make sure the machine is filled up with water before using it or it will cause the defective of the machine.


High Power Tattoo Removal Machine Applications:

1. Pigmentation removal: freckle, speckle, blemish, coffee spot, otas nevus, tattoo removal, melasma, hyperpigmentation

2. Skin rejuvenation, shrink pores



-Supplementary Service
1) Comes with machine, we provide you Nd yag laser doctor's glasses, patient's goggles and CD, user's manual
2) Professional package with firmed aluminum box, 6 wheels under the box, easy to move and ship.
3) Free LOGO on the screen, we can also design a fancy LOGO for you. 8.4 inch true color touch screen, default parameter setting, 6 kinds language options, easy to operate.

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