Tattoo Removal Machine All Colors

Technical Features

large output energy

Germany Xenon lamp

Israel Q-switch

Special simmer power source

Product Details

Tattoo Removal Machine All Colors

Tattoo Removal Machine All Colors Theory
The q switched nd yag laser radiates the light with a specific wavelength in high peak energy pulse hence the light penetrates the tissue only for an ultra short nanosecond .The light is absorbed by the pigment tissue and results in an instantaneous blast that is light blasting principle .The pigment particles are shattered intot fragments parts of them will be bounced out of the skin and other parts will be split into tiny particles that can be engulfted by phagocutes and then metabolized by the lymphatic system.



Tattoo Removal Machine All Colors Features

1. Adopt high quality ABS insulation material, with anti-electromagnetic interference apability

2. Durable Q-switch for long life time

3. Double-band free conditioning

4. High laser energy

5.Painless, Fast to removal all colors pigments and tattoos

6. Multiple program languages switching

7. Instruction light: imported infra-red indicator greatly increases the spot accuracy and the efficiency, saving cost accordingly.

Tattoo Removal Machine All Colors Therapeutic range:

1.Tattoo removal. Remove black, blue, brown and red tattoo pigments on eyebrow, eye line, lip line and other parts of body;

2.Remove birth mark, otas nevus and dermal speckle;

The 1064nm wavelength: get rid of freckles, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo, Nevus of Ota, black and blue color and so on pigmentation;

The 532nm wavelength: get rid of freckles, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo , lips line, shallow red and brown pigment, telangiectasis and so on.

1320nm wavelength: The 1320nm wavelength: Skin whitening and tightening.

So it can remove tattoo of all colors and can do skin rejuvenation.


Tattoo Removal Machine All Colors Operation tips:
1. Please adjust the power of the machine from low to high little by little according to the skin conditions to get the best treatment. Again. The laser aiming point should focus on the coloring point.1064 is for black tattoo. 532 is for colorful tattoo.

2. Please make sure the machine is filled up with water before using it or it will cause the defective of the machine.




Payment method

*T/T: Accept USD, EUR, HKD, GBP etc. (Many currency, Suit for all clients)

*Western Union: Quickly to the account, Priority in delivery

*Behalf Paying: Your Chinese friends or your Chinese agent can pay for in RM


We have 1 year warranty, two year update warranty and lifetime maintenance

1)Within 1year, if there is some accessory going wrong, we will send you the accessory at once, free of charge.

2) Within 1 month, if the machine is of any big fails, we will send you a new machine.

3) Within 1year, if you send back the equipment for repair, we will be responsible for the repair, including the changes of accessories; Both of them are free of charge.

4) After 1year, we offer to repair the machine, but we quire for the cost of the changed parts, not for manual cost.

5) No responsibility for man-made destroy.

6) If the buyer has any questions from our technical department, we can supply on-line service.

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