Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Machine

Technical Features

1.Pressotherapy+Far infrared+EMS

2.Can be used partially

3.The gauge can check the temperature

Product Details

Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Equipment


Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Equipment is a treatment widely used in body fluid,beauty and physical treatment. By air pressure therapy, The machine can improve lymphatic and blood circulation then drain out unwanted substances in body, thus effectively improve fatness of edema cellulite, tighten slack muscle and restore flexibility of muscle fibre.

This machine takes body slimming, relaxation, and detoxification functions in one. It has clothes, every cloth with air bags, strainers. Air bags are symmetrical. There is each around the waist and belly. Also symmetrical from top to bottom on the legs. Can freely apply on every part which is needed obesity removal.

This is a multi-functional weight loss and cellulite reduction machine. It combines pressotherapy, far infrared and EMS.


Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Equipment Theory


With 20 pcs air bags,the pressotherapy massage the whole or certain parts of the body with four different programs.The

natural compression is useful to increase the venous , lymphatic flow,enhance the extra cellulite reduction.

Far infrared

The far infrared treatment can raise the body temperature,as the body warms,to cool itself down,it will sweat,increase the

blood circulation and the basic metabolic rate,it is a natural and fast way for cellulite reduction.


Creating electric pulse to stimulate the target area on body, EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) can effectively regulate

bio-electric, endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.


Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Equipment Functions:
1. Lose weight, eliminate toxin
2. Accelerate metabolism
3. Strengthens nutrition absorbing
4. Dispel tire, remove liver's strain and unknown pain
5. Diminish inflammation, energy renewal

6. Detoxify;

7. Body shapes;Tone body muscles;

8. Body slimming;

9. Physical treatment for lymphatic;

10. Relaxation;

11. Cellulites reduction.


Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Equipment Specification

Air Bag Quantity

20pcs /10 sectors

Pressure Strength


Machine Power


Suit Color

Brown, purple silver and some other colors are optional

Display Screen

7 inch touch screen


Without mat, mat is optional

Dimension of Machine


Dimension of Package








CAUTION of Pressotherapy Cellulite Reduction Equipment

1. The intensity should subject to the client's feeling. The temperature should be adjusted from lower to higher gradually. In case of the pain feeling, please check whether the electrode patch contact with the skin fully.

2. During the whole treatment, beautician should communicate with the client, check the temperature and perspiration, and make the adjustment correspondingly.

3. During the treatment, please keep the machine in situation of Pause for this function if you want to stop certain treatment.

4. Please clean the slimming clothes after using.


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